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37 Degrees South - Aotearoa

About 37 Degrees South™

37 Degrees South™ was founded in 2004 by Chris Karamea Insley in response to the growing global awareness and appreciation by leaders of government, business and indeed communities of the need to act in a truly sustainable manner particularly in terms of resource use and management. We have a reputation for finding innovative and sustainable business solutions for a rapidly evolving business world, particularly in response to climate change issues.

We take our name from the global coordinates:

  • 37º 49´ 25.95 South,
  • 177° 45´ 25.78 East,
of our sacred mountain on the east coast of Aotearoa (New Zealand) - the land of the long white cloud.

Our lands and our people are first in the world each day, to feel the warmth of the sun's rays that have traveled through millennia across the heavens

Mr. Chris Karamea Insley - Executive Director

He is maori with tribal connections to the Mataatua and Tairawhiti regions in the north island of New Zealand and principally the tribes of Te whanau a apanui and Ngati porou. the territory of Te Whanau a Apanui extends from te taumata-ō-apanui (between tōrere and hāwai) to pōtaka. the 13 hapu (sub-tribes) are situated along the narrow coastal strip between the raukūmara range and the eastern bay of plenty.


The tribal saying is:

Mai i taumata-ō-apanui ki pōtaka
ko whanokao te maunga
ko mōtū te awa
ko whakaari te puia
ko apanui te tangata
ko te whānau-ā-apanui te iwi.

From te taumata-ō-apanui to pōtaka
Whanokao is the mountain
mōtū is the river
whakaari is the volcano
apanui is the ancestor
te whānau-ā-apanui is the tribe.

Whanokao mountain is situated in the raukūmara range, south-east of Te Kaha, near the border between Te Whānau-ā-Apanui and ngāti porou tribal territory. the mouth of the mōtū river is at maraenui. whakaari (white island) continues to be significant to the people. Click to discover more about the people who made New Zealand home.


He has many years' experience working with indigenous groups, government agencies and investors, in new zealand and internationally. his specialist focus is helping indigenous groups to achieve long term social and environmental well-being through better investment in and development of their natural assets.

A Director

Chris is a director on the boards of Scion (New zealand forest research), and Ngati porou seafoods group.

Business training and accumen

He has extensive training in business, including a Bachelor in business studies (finance major), Post graduate diploma in market and logistics, post graduate diploma in business research and a Masters degree in business administration (distinction). as well, he is a graduate of the prestigious Harvard business school's specialist international finance and global strategy program.

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