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Climate Change - Risk or Opportunity?

Environmental, Social and technological changes

Resource management, environmental degradation and global warming are now at the forefront of economic and social considerations globally.

Social and technological drivers are accelerating change across societies, technologies and the environment, creating tectonic shifts in business, urbanisation and wealth distribution. Population growth continues across the world and cities are burgeoning.

Strategy and business planning for a new world

Given the interconnectivity and synergy between these trends, the challenge for business leaders is to reconfigure their day-to-day operations in light of changing global trends and patterns. This is true for large companies and industries as well as small. New business opportunities will arise, while those businesses who fail to interpret the signs and adapt will fail.

Climate change and related international implementation arrangements like the Kyoto Protocol and associated Cap and Trade approaches (Emission Trading Systems) are complex and fast evolving.

At 37 Degrees South, we continuously monitor international policy developments of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change and other leading institutions, and have worked with government to develop an intimate understanding of these international and domestic policy settings.

Importantly, we have developed a practical track record of designing and implementing large scale innovative development projects that help clients develop adaptation strategies that offset new risks while exploiting new business opportunities.

We can help your organization successfully navigate these changing times.

Reports and Articles
  • November 2007 - Emissions Trading System (ETS) Impacts for Maori Final Report Click to Download Reader

Resources For Further Reading (Off site links)

  • Key to Climate
    Australia's native forests store three times as much carbon as previously thought and could hold the key to tackling climate change.
  • Account for Carbon
    The findings represent a breakthrough in understanding the role of forests in long term carbon storage and in helping solve the climate change problem. The authors found that a new approach is needed to account for carbon stored in natural forests.
  • National Action Plan
    India has recently launched a National Action Plan on Climate Change, and we will be more than willing to share experiences.
  • Generated Global Climate System
    Understanding the scope and speed of climate change is a formidable problem for modern climate scientists. One way they approach this is to use historical observations of climate to generate computer models of the global climate system.
  • China Climate Change
    China is sometimes portrayed as an environmental and climate change ‘bad guy' in the mainstream media. Here we focus on climate change, and attempt to show that the picture is more nuanced, as China is involved in several bi- and multi-lateral initiatives.

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Environmental News Online
Reuters: Environment - Show Descriptions
Mexico in three-day countdown to search for earthquake survivors
  MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Rescuers are unlikely to find any more survivors of Mexico's earthquake still buried in the ruins and will cease operations to find them at the end of Thursday, the emergency services chief said.

For Chinese steelmakers, bigger is better to survive war on smog
  MANILA/BEIJING (Reuters) - China's biggest steel makers have rarely had it so good.

Puerto Rico evacuates area near crumbling dam, asks for aid
  SAN JUAN (Reuters) - Many people living near a crumbling dam in storm-battered Puerto Rico have evacuated, Governor Ricardo Rossello said on Monday, as he asked for more government aid to avert a humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Maria.

NHC says Hurricane Maria weakens slightly
  (Reuters) - Hurricane Maria, a Category 1 storm, has weakened slightly as it moves northward, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said on Tuesday.

Menacing Bali volcano throws tourists' plans into jeopardy
  KARANGASEM, Indonesia (Reuters) - Some tourists are having second thoughts about visiting the tropical Indonesian resort island of Bali after repeated warnings that its highest volcano could erupt at any time, half a century after it killed more than 1,000 people.

Puerto Rico power grid rebuild after hurricane faces big hurdles
  SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Six days after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, officials were still taking stock of what is expected to be a months-long effort to rebuild the island's power system, keeping much of its 3.4 million people in darkness for an extended period.

Psychological aftershocks linger after massive Mexico quake
  MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - In a simple, illustrated note, 10-year-old Maximiliano said goodbye to his friend and neighbor Julian, killed when their five-story housing complex collapsed after Mexico's deadliest earthquake in a generation.

Britain opens first subsidy-free solar power farm
  LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's first solar power farm to operate without a government subsidy is due to open in eastern England on Tuesday, as a sharp fall in costs has made renewable energy much more economical.

Earthquake measuring 6.5 magnitude strikes off Fiji, no tsunami threat: PTWC
  SYDNEY (Reuters) - An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 magnitude struck off Fiji on Tuesday but there was no threat of a tsunami, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) said.

U.S. energy secretary asks oil industry to study carbon capture technology
  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry asked an oil industry advisory council on Monday to help find ways for oil drillers to exploit technology that captures carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants, by injecting the carbon dioxide into the ground to help drill for oil.

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