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Climate Change - Risk or Opportunity?

Environmental, Social and technological changes

Resource management, environmental degradation and global warming are now at the forefront of economic and social considerations globally.

Social and technological drivers are accelerating change across societies, technologies and the environment, creating tectonic shifts in business, urbanisation and wealth distribution. Population growth continues across the world and cities are burgeoning.

Strategy and business planning for a new world

Given the interconnectivity and synergy between these trends, the challenge for business leaders is to reconfigure their day-to-day operations in light of changing global trends and patterns. This is true for large companies and industries as well as small. New business opportunities will arise, while those businesses who fail to interpret the signs and adapt will fail.

Climate change and related international implementation arrangements like the Kyoto Protocol and associated Cap and Trade approaches (Emission Trading Systems) are complex and fast evolving.

At 37 Degrees South, we continuously monitor international policy developments of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change and other leading institutions, and have worked with government to develop an intimate understanding of these international and domestic policy settings.

Importantly, we have developed a practical track record of designing and implementing large scale innovative development projects that help clients develop adaptation strategies that offset new risks while exploiting new business opportunities.

We can help your organization successfully navigate these changing times.

Reports and Articles
  • November 2007 - Emissions Trading System (ETS) Impacts for Maori Final Report Click to Download Reader

Resources For Further Reading (Off site links)

  • Key to Climate
    Australia's native forests store three times as much carbon as previously thought and could hold the key to tackling climate change.
  • Account for Carbon
    The findings represent a breakthrough in understanding the role of forests in long term carbon storage and in helping solve the climate change problem. The authors found that a new approach is needed to account for carbon stored in natural forests.
  • National Action Plan
    India has recently launched a National Action Plan on Climate Change, and we will be more than willing to share experiences.
  • Generated Global Climate System
    Understanding the scope and speed of climate change is a formidable problem for modern climate scientists. One way they approach this is to use historical observations of climate to generate computer models of the global climate system.
  • China Climate Change
    China is sometimes portrayed as an environmental and climate change ‘bad guy' in the mainstream media. Here we focus on climate change, and attempt to show that the picture is more nuanced, as China is involved in several bi- and multi-lateral initiatives.

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Environmental News Online
Reuters: Environment - Show Descriptions
South Dakota pipeline spill will take months to clean up
  CALGARY, Alberta/LINCOLN, Nebraska (Reuters) - The crude oil spill on the Keystone pipeline in South Dakota will take months to clean up, a state official said on Friday, just days before Nebraska was due to decide on another pipeline project by the owner, TransCanada Corp.

U.S. plans to allow contentious elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe
  (Reuters) - Hunters who kill elephants in Zimbabwe can now bring trophies of their hunt back to the United States under a new rule proposed by the Trump administration that outraged animal activists but the White House said was the result of review ordered in 2014.

Nations keep global climate deal on track despite U.S. pullout
  BONN, Germany (Reuters) - Nearly 200 nations made progress toward keeping a landmark 2015 global deal to tackle climate change on track at United Nations talks ending on Friday despite a U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw.

China fills part of U.S. void on climate without dominating talks
  BONN, Germany (Reuters) - China has filled some of the void on climate change leadership left by U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to quit the 2015 Paris climate pact by curbing its own greenhouse emissions and it has done so without seeking to dominate the talks, delegates said.

White House seeks $44 billion hurricane aid, far short of requests
  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House on Friday said it had asked Congress for $44 billion in supplemental disaster assistance to help those hurt by recent hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands, far short of the aid some officials have called for.

Electric cars not ready for mass production yet: Toyota chairman to Spiegel
  FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Battery-powered cars are not ready for mass production yet, the chairman of Japan's Toyota Motor Corp told a German magazine, adding that he did not see U.S. electric vehicle pioneer Tesla as a role model.

China faces waste hangover after Singles' Day buying binge
  SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's Singles' Day online discount sales bonanza on Saturday saw bargain-hungry buyers spend over $38 billion, flooding the postal and courier businesses with around 331 million packages - and leaving an estimated 160,000 tonnes of packaging waste.

China's average air quality worsens in October on the year
  SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Average air quality in 338 Chinese cities worsened in October, the environment ministry said on Friday, despite the launch of a six-month winter campaign to cut emissions in northern regions.

Three Yemen cities run out of clean water due to lack of fuel for pumps: ICRC
  GENEVA (Reuters) - Three cities in Yemen have run out of clean water because a blockade by a Saudi-led coalition has cut imports of fuel needed for pumping and sanitation, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Friday.

Turkey's Erdogan says wants Akkuyu nuclear plant foundations laid by end-November: papers
  ANKARA (Reuters) - Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan wants the foundations to be laid for the Akkuyu nuclear plant in southern Turkey by the end of this month, Yeni Safak and other newspapers cited him as telling reporters during a visit to Qatar.

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