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Pathway to Sustainable Economic Development

An enabler of economic growth and source of sustainable competitive advantage

The concept of sustainable economic development can be thought of in terms of policies and programmes designed to meet the needs of present generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The achievement of sustainable economic development requires a new and innovative approach to policy making and its implementation.

Here at 37 Degrees South we have played an active lead role in shaping policy as it may affect indigenous people and, in designing regional economic development strategy.

Technology as the enabler

Sustainable development involves the simultaneous pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity famously known as three dimensions (triple bottom line) with is the resultant vector being technology, hence it is a continually evolving process. The "journey" is vitally important, but only as a means of getting to the destination (the desired future state).

Four Pillars of Sustainable Development

Indigenous people, Sustainability and Quadruple Bottom-Line

The conventional view of sustainable development can be conceptually broken into three constituent parts: environmental sustainability, economic sustainability and socio-political sustainability. Maori and other Indigenous people have argued that there are four pillars of sustainable development, the fourth being cultural (Quadruple bottom line).

At 37 Degrees South, we have developed and accumulated specialized and unique expertise in terms of the design and implementation of large scale projects that have simultaneously achieved quadruple bottom-line outcomes and, led to new start up business valued in $10's to $100's of millions.

Climate change

Rapid global climate change too is forcing the need to think and act more decisively and particularly to develop and innovate towards sustainable practice through a process of adaptation. We have played an important influencing role in shaping government policy on climate change as it may affect indigenous people.

We have pioneered new approaches designed especially to enable Maori people to understand and adapt to the effects of climate change and fast-track their medium to long term Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural development program through the targeted use of science, innovation and technology as we set out here below:

Pathway to Sustainable Economic Development

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