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37 Degrees South - Aotearoa

Our services and engaging us

37 Degrees South can help your organisation realise its long term profit and business development goals with a range of specialist services.

Sustainable development strategy

Our skills in corporate strategy development will unify all the business lines of your company and point them in the same direction to achieve your overall goals.

We can help you develop strategies to ensure sustainable economic development for your company, community or organisation while protecting the incomes, resources, and natural environment for future generations.

Indigenous economic development

We can raise the level of prosperity amongst indigenous societies by increasing the productivity and efficiency of their assets and business interests.

37 Degrees South has been instrumental in developing the economic viability of carbon capture, storage and trading for forest-owning Maori groups in New Zealand. We are currently working to achieve similar outcomes for other indigenous groups elsewhere in the world.

Innovation and technology strategy

In these rapidly changing times businesses, and whole industries, need to think fast and adapt constantly. We'll show you how you can make the most of new technologies to keep pace in a global business world. Some of our current clients include:

Multi Iwi, multi sector strategy

Climate change - a business risk or opportunity?

We can advise on interpreting international and local climate change policy and whether these policies represent new risks and / or opportunities for your business. Importantly, we have leading expertise where we have pioneered new commercial structures to offset the new risks posed in this new environment and exploit the new wealth creating opportunities that will arise.

Value adding and wealth creation

37 Degrees South can help you maximise profits with strategies that recognise the true value of your raw assets be they forests, minerals or tourist attractions and their potential earning power under a range of scenarios over time.

We'll help you build your assets and wealth with careful yet ambitious long term plans and sound businesses processes.

Governance and leadership

37 Degrees South can help your organisation's leaders to direct with openness, participation, accountability, effectiveness and coherence. We deliver high level strategies to stimulate efficiencies, growth and prosperity across your organisation and your wider community.

How to Engage Our Services

We structure our service offerings to meet your needs.


As a niche consulting firm, we have full flexibility on how we structure our services to our clients. Below we set out some high level information on how we approach client engagement.

Scoping out the Work

The first step is to scope out the work, be it a simple one-off question or a major project. This step can initially be through a phone call but for major work we always seek to meet face to face to fully discuss and evaluate the work scope.

Key steps are:

  • defining the problem/advice sought,
  • defining the deliverable - written / verbal / presentation, and
  • defining the time-line for completion and intermediate milestones.

We will then assess whether we have the appropriate skills and expertise and whether we have any conflicts of interest (if we are unable to help you we will always try and identify an alternative service provider).

Identifying and Addressing Conflicts of Interests

We take conflict of interest issues very seriously and always seek to identify and notify where these may arise.Where we identify that a conflict of interest may exist, we will ask your permission to disclose to existing clients the nature of the potential conflict and seek their approval for us to carry out the services. The nature of that disclosure is obviously commercially sensitive and we will agree upfront disclosure limitations.Typically a confidentiality agreement would be put in place to protect parties.

Agreement Types

Our service agreements are tailored to suit our clients' requested services.

Examples include:

  • one-off reimbursable hour arrangements,
  • one-off fixed fee arrangements,
  • long term reimbursable hour arrangements,
  • long term service contracts on a retainer arrangement.

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