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Customer-focus approach to innovation strategy

An enabler of economic growth and source of sustainable competitive advantage

There is today overwhelming evidence that investment in science, technology and innovation will lead to high performance companies and economies - particularly during these recessionary times.

At 37 Degrees South, we have specialist expert knowledge to design and integrate technology and innovation into clients broader medium to long term growth strategies. Coupled with an intimate knowledge of New Zealand and international innovation systems and the key drivers and players involved, this knowledge has pushed the boundaries with new product into major emerging global markets and, led to new start up business valued in $10's to $100's of millions.

Customer-focus approach to innovation and indigenous people

We have pioneered a new customer-focus approach to innovation designed especially to enable Maori people to fast-track their medium to long term Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural development program through the targeted use of science, innovation and technology.

Our approach exploits the principle of leverage points which are points in complex systems where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything.

Our approach is fundamentally different

Our approach to designing innovation strategy does not follow a traditional research strategy development approach that projects the current into the future, and instead proposes a fundamentally different approach that begins with visualizing the future establishing the strategic intent and identifying the clients desired leadership position and what will be the essence of winning in future and be sustainable and enduring for many years and then, folding this back to the present as we broadly set out here below:

Pathway to Innovation and Technology strategy

Our objective

The ultimate objective of our approach to innovation strategy is to enable our clients objectives by leading change through:

  • The creation of new technologies and products
  • Launching new markets
  • Raising industry standards
  • Redefining customer expectations
  • Increasing pace of industry product cycles
  • Forcing other firms to follow
  • Changing the rules of the game.

Integrated landuse modeling project

We are leading a groundbreaking project to design and build an integrated land use modeling piece of technology that;

  • Integrates all data and information from across New Zealand into a single (or linked) database;
  • Use spatial modeling (Geographic Information System) technology as the base platform;
  • To provide New Zealand landowners with real time, low-cost, research based land development solutions;
  • That consider economic, social, environmental drivers; and
  • Is tuned into and aligned with central government policy signals.

“What you are doing is a model not only for other Iwi, but also for land management across New Zealand”.

Hon. David Carter. 2011

(Minister of Agriculture and Forestry

Associate Minister of Economic Development)


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The evidence is strong, those who innovate will not only survive but indeed prosper during these tough times, while those who fail to interpret the signs, will fail. Contact us now to discuss your business - technology idea.

Good things come to those who don't wait...

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