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Customer-focus approach to innovation strategy

An enabler of economic growth and source of sustainable competitive advantage

There is today overwhelming evidence that investment in science, technology and innovation will lead to high performance companies and economies - particularly during these recessionary times.

At 37 Degrees South, we have specialist expert knowledge to design and integrate technology and innovation into clients broader medium to long term growth strategies. Coupled with an intimate knowledge of New Zealand and international innovation systems and the key drivers and players involved, this knowledge has pushed the boundaries with new product into major emerging global markets and, led to new start up business valued in $10's to $100's of millions.

Customer-focus approach to innovation and indigenous people

We have pioneered a new customer-focus approach to innovation designed especially to enable Maori people to fast-track their medium to long term Economic, Social, Environmental and Cultural development program through the targeted use of science, innovation and technology.

Iwi Innovation (i2) strategy

Our approach exploits the principle of leverage points which are points in complex systems where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything.

Our approach is fundamentally different

Our approach to designing innovation strategy does not follow a traditional research strategy development approach that projects the current into the future, and instead proposes a fundamentally different approach that begins with visualizing the future establishing the strategic intent and identifying the clients desired leadership position and what will be the essence of winning in future and be sustainable and enduring for many years and then, folding this back to the present as we broadly set out here below:

Pathway to Innovation and Technology strategy

Our objective

The ultimate objective of our approach to innovation strategy is to enable our clients objectives by leading change through:

  • The creation of new technologies and products
  • Launching new markets
  • Raising industry standards
  • Redefining customer expectations
  • Increasing pace of industry product cycles
  • Forcing other firms to follow
  • Changing the rules of the game.

Technology and Innovation funding for business

Up to $50 million is available to businesses undertaking research and development through the TechNZ business investment programme. We deliver the TechNZ programme on behalf of the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology in partnership with Hawkes Bay Inc.

Check out these 10 case studies


The evidence is strong, those who innovate will not only survive but indeed prosper during these tough times, while those who fail to interpret the signs, will fail. Contact us now to discuss your business - technology idea.

Good things come to those who don't wait...

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Innovation Learning Hub

ScienceNZ - Show Descriptions
Port Hills fires: Lessons for the entire country

Planting back quickly and correctly is crucial, writes FIONA CARSWELL, chief scientist at Landcare Research.

Growing sheep milk industry bolstered by science

New research is adding weight to the benefits of sheep milk as New Zealand's industry continues to expand its base and reach to the world.

Douglas-fir essential oil a winner in timber design awards

Scion's Doug Gaunt, who sat on the judging panel, said the oil project had a close alignment with Scion's strategy to use as much of each tree as possible, not just the wood.

Good for exports, health and environment: a history of apple pest management

A unified goal-driven sector with a responsiveness to market demand is credited with the development of a pest management system in New Zealand's apple industry that is the envy of other countries and crop industries.

Forensic Intelligence: increasing the value of science to justice

How can past criminal case data help justice today and in the future? ESR's Forensic Intelligence project is currently developing ways to enhance the value of forensic science to the justice system.

ESR's MinION hard at work!

The MinION is a breakthrough portable DNA sequencer produced by Oxford Nanopore.

Wellington's summer was bad, but not as bad as you think—honest

Summer has officially ended but for Wellingtonians it feels like it's only just getting started. NIWA meteorologist Ben Noll explains what went wrong.

Study of mutant sheep provides exciting new opportunities

Research into "mutant" sheep has AgResearch scientists eyeing up a greater understanding of what makes human hair curly or straight, and the potential for innovative new wool products.

Positive result with New Zealand Bee Colony Loss Survey in 2016

Landcare Research's reputation as the leading provider of survey services that gather solid scientifically proven data has been further enhanced with the release of the 2016 Colony Loss Survey of beekeepers.

Calling all citizen scientists

A smartphone app has been developed to give the public a new way to report sightings of eucalyptus pests.

Smoke gets in your eyes

Smoke from wildfires can have a serious health impact for some members of the public, even if they are far away from the flames. Scion science is supporting the response to the Port Hills fire burning in Canterbury.

Massive mudslides in Kaikoura Canyon destroy seabed life

Huge mudslides from November's earthquakes have wiped out all organisms living in the seabed of the Kaikoura Canyon.

Hungry helpers beat weeds and save country millions

Waikato dairy and beef farmer Steve Fagan was sceptical, to say the least, when tiny beetles were released on his farm about 25 years ago to control ragwort.

NZ to benefit from new science links to China

AgResearch intends to form a joint international research centre with China's largest state-owned food company and largest university research department specialising in food science and nutrition.

Novel approach wins research funding

Engineered water systems including plumbing, drinking-water, water tanks, spas and cooling towers, are known to harbour Legionella pneumophila which can cause severe pneumonia (5 –30% death rate)

Environmental radiation monitoring in Hong Kong

Proton beams are used for cancer treatment like traditional irradiation facilities. Their advantage is that they can be focused with greater accuracy and therefore cause less side effects for patients

Smart Ideas Fund for new DNA tracer

A new project is underway to develop a new environmentally safe tool for simultaneously tracking multiple water contamination sources and pathways

Cultural Heritage Visualisation - Te Rererunga

ESR has worked in partnership with Ngati Rangitihi and Blue Cube Consulting to create a prototype Cultural Heritage Visualisation platform as a 3D record of marae

Full Metal Coat

A machine called AECL Theratron T-80 Teletherapy, containing a radioactive source (Co-60), was recently decommissioned by ESR and returned to Australia. Learn about the journey and watch the video.

Real-Time Identification of Designer Drugs

With internet access widening the scope of drug sources, a new threat has emerged over recent years with the introduction of designer drugs

Bio-Technology Learning Hub

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