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News from the web

The following links are to articles we think may be of interest to you. We hope they stimulate your thinking and help you find new ways to create economic and social wealth, while reducing your impact on the environment.

If you think a particular story was a good read, please post a comment and tell us. If you’ve found a useful article on sustainable development, please let us know and we’ll try to include it here for others to enjoy.

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VIDEO: 'Audacious' comet landing site chosen
Leaky wells - not fracking, tainting US water
Goldfish has brain operation
Editorial: Labour's NZ Inc has little merit or substance
US gas leaks not caused by fracking
VIDEO: Apes to rulers of the world
Rosetta comet landing site chosen
Ancient China fish 'nearly extinct'
VIDEO: Mission impossible? Comet landing bid
Mers: Saudis in push to keep Hajj free from deadly virus
Rich philanthropists urged to invest in ‘saving civilisation’ by putting money into fighting global warming instead of other green causes
No rain for decades: Stand by for the ‘megadroughts’, scientists warn
Brazil builds giant Amazon tower
Decision due on comet landing site
Precious park gifted to Super City
Editorial: Greens' ideas on dairying hold plenty of good water
Ban on shark trade comes into force
Alien species making England home
Marina battle in court
Pakistan-India monsoon floods: Averting future disasters
Future of Scottish science contested
London's mayor fumes over diesels
VIDEO: Formula E ready to race
Drugs 'entering waterways' through urine
Progress for giant laser instrument
Mars probe 'inspired by lobsters'
Western Australia shark cull blocked
VIDEO: People power sparking renewable energy
Brain 'still active during sleep'
Robot could load up dishwasher
Squeezing out water to save the future
How would animals vote?
Protection key for new marine reserves
'Giant swimming dinosaur' unearthed
South gets its chance to enjoy marine reserves
Rosetta comet chaser takes 'selfie'
Concussion 'breathalyser' proposed
Consumers driving 'shock' tree loss
Amazon destruction increases again
'Signs of recovery' in ozone layer
Wife on Mars
How do you stop lava?
VIDEO: Ozone layer 'shows signs of recovery'
Ozone layer is recovering, say scientists
Computers trained to understand music
Prioritising islands' pest control
New Zealand's war on predators commemorated this week
Mapping reveals Stonehenge secrets
VIDEO: US fears for declining bird numbers
Fabled Franklin Arctic ship found
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