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News from the web

The following links are to articles we think may be of interest to you. We hope they stimulate your thinking and help you find new ways to create economic and social wealth, while reducing your impact on the environment.

If you think a particular story was a good read, please post a comment and tell us. If you’ve found a useful article on sustainable development, please let us know and we’ll try to include it here for others to enjoy.

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New report confirms grim outlook for elephants
China's colossal radio telescope begins testing
New Zealand's tsunami risk from East Coast offshore area to be revealed in new study
Hukerenui School Enviroschools workshop a class act to follow on sustainable practices
Northland dairy farmers advised to sort out employment records
Poor food 'risks health of half the world'
Tramper spends freezing night in Marlborough bush
Grand Canyon in blue
How to encourage hedgehogs into your garden
Deep divisions over elephants to dominate key species meeting
Horses can communicate with us - scientists
Species body says extra elephant protection could boost ivory trade
Bird flu poses threat to penguins - scientists
Dry tropical forests 'overlooked and under threat'
UK researchers tap into China's scientific powerhouse
Ig Nobel win for Alpine 'goat man'
Four rare white lions cubs born in Poland
Scientists solve singing fish mystery
Study says ice loss understimated
Editorial: Prosecuting the dumping of fish might not help conserve them
Prince William: 'We must do more on illegal ivory trade'
DNA hints at earlier human exodus from Africa
See what a button battery can do to a child's throat
Bumble bees bugged in quirky trial
Mackenzie weta species edges close to extinction
China space station to fall to Earth in 2017
Search on for the Asian hornet queen
Fearnley-Whittingstall on ivory trade 'ban'
Political Roundup: The Killing of the Kermadec sanctuary
Vets warn people against buying 'flat-faced' dogs
Watching films releases 'natural painkiller'
Kiwi innovation a lethal weapon against rats
Brian Rudman: Department of Conservation predator-free campaign seems far from realistic
Bangkok: Monitor lizards overrun Lumpini Park
Meet Earth's indestructible micro-beast
Survival secret of 'earth's hardiest animal' revealed
Bouncing deer spotted by walker on beach in Poole
Invasive Asian Hornet spotted in Britain for first time, experts confirm
Should you keep your cat on a lead?
French MP inquiry calls for abattoir video cameras
Teleportation step toward quantum internet
Anglo-Saxon 'palace' found at Rendlesham near Sutton Hoo site
Urgent debate on illegal fish dumping as opposition MPs say they feel misled by senior MPI officials
Public can trust the policing of commercial fishing - Nathan Guy
Green spaces worth £2.2bn to public health in England
China embarked on wind power frenzy, says IEA
America's first wave-produced power goes online in Hawaii
Iwi wade into Hawke's Bay water issue
Let mangroves recover to protect coasts
'Let mangroves recover' to protect coasts
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