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The following links are to articles we think may be of interest to you. We hope they stimulate your thinking and help you find new ways to create economic and social wealth, while reducing your impact on the environment.

If you think a particular story was a good read, please post a comment and tell us. If you’ve found a useful article on sustainable development, please let us know and we’ll try to include it here for others to enjoy.

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Solar Impulse aims for Pennsylvania
  The Sun-powered aircraft Solar Impulse has taken off from Dayton, Ohio, on a 750km flight to Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania.

Cattle drugs 'could fuel climate change'
  Dosing farm animals with antibiotics increases greenhouse gas emissions from cow dung, research suggests.

Yellowstone in 1871 and today
  Stunning photos of Yellowstone beauty spots in 1871 and today

Exxon 'has to change or die' on climate
  The world's biggest publicly traded oil company faces a critical AGM under pressure from a broad coalition of shareholders on climate change.

Galileo launch for satellites 13 and 14
  Two more satellites in the Galileo network are launched to orbit, putting the EU's version of GPS on course to start services at the end of the year.

Sentinel satellite probes coral health
  European scientists are working on techniques that would allow them to routinely monitor the health of corals worldwide from orbit.

Evolutionary engineer wins tech prize
  US biochemical engineer Frances Arnold takes the million-euro Millennium Technology Prize for pioneering 'directed evolution'.

Fracking approval reignites row
  Approval for fracking in North Yorkshire raises the prospect of the controversial technique being allowed at other sites and restarts an intense debate.

China's science revolution
  Five glimpses inside China's scientific revolution

Juries 'could enter virtual crime scenes'
  Virtual reality technology used in the gaming industry could be utilised to recreate crime scenes for jurors, researchers claim.

VIDEO: How a pig helped this man to see again
  Wu Pinggui talks to the BBC after having an operation to transplant a pig's cornea into his eye.

VIDEO: How this pig helped a man to see again
  Wu Pinggui talks to the BBC after having an operation to transplant a pig's cornea into his eye.

The gene's still selfish: Dawkins' famous idea turns 40
  Scientist and author Richard Dawkins discusses his legacy - and giving up Twitter

Chinese brewed beer 5,000 years ago
  Chinese drinkers may have been brewing beer as many as 5,000 years ago, new research suggests.

VIDEO: 'Scary but beautiful' lightning on film
  Darren Soh, a landscape photographer, creates a composite image that captures the beauty of Singapore's lightning storms.

Review urged of European GM crop ban
  The ban on GM crops by European countries should be reassessed, the president of UK science body the Royal Society has said.

Review call over European GM crop ban
  The ban on GM crops by European countries should be reassessed, the president of UK science body the Royal Society has said.

Landmark fracking operation approved
  An application to carry out fracking in England for the first time since a ban was lifted in 2012 is approved.

VIDEO: What fracking vote means- in 20 seconds
  John Moylan explains what the successful bid to frack for shale gas will mean for a North Yorkshire village - in 20 seconds.

VIDEO: What fracking vote means - in 20 seconds
  After a successful bid to frack for shale gas in a North Yorkshire village, John Moylan explains how the process works.

Lions and zebras being kept at UK homes
  Wild animals including lions, crocodiles, rattlesnakes and zebras are being kept legally on private property across the UK, licensing figures reveal.

Scientist spots Turkish banknote error
  Nobel chemistry laureate spots DNA error on Turkish banknote.

Fossil gives clues to ancient extinction
  A strange sea-dwelling reptile fossil suggests there was a burst of evolution after the mass extinction 250 million years ago.

VIDEO: Building the world's largest radio telescope
  BBC science correspondent Rebecca Morelle travels to China to take a close up tour of the Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope - or Fast for short.

VIDEO: Drone footage shows shark feeding frenzy
  Drone footage shows tourists catching an unusual sight in Shark Bay, Australia - dozens of tiger sharks feeding on a dead whale.

India launches mini space shuttle
  India launches an unmanned model space shuttle into orbit, joining the race to develop reusable space crafts.

Solar Impulse aeroplane reaches Ohio
  The zero-fuel aeroplane, Solar Impulse, has landed in Dayton, Ohio, after flying from Oklahoma on the latest leg of its round-the-world journey.

VIDEO: Piece of space history takes the slow route
  A gigantic fuel tank, originally built for NASA's space shuttle programme, is making a slow journey through the streets of Los Angeles to its new home.

Solar Impulse heads for Dayton, Ohio
  The zero-fuel aeroplane, Solar Impulse, is in the air again, flying Oklahoma to Ohio.

VIDEO: Are 'killer' hornets heading to the UK?
  They have been dubbed the killer invaders that target bees and have even caused the deaths of several people in France, but has the deadly Asian hornet made it to the UK?

New Zealand's greenhouse gas shame
  Climate Change Minister Paula Bennett says she will set up a high-level taskforce to drive down New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions after the latest annual report revealed another 1 per cent increase in 2014.The annual Environment...

Two birds yield genetic key to crimson
  Two independent scientific papers identify the same single gene as the cause of red beaks and feathers in birds.

Hubble takes super-snap of Mars
  The Hubble Space Telescope produces another of its stunning portraits of Mars, as the planet lines up with the Earth and the Sun.

Mini-robot perches like an insect
  Miniature flying robot that can perch and take off could be used in search and rescue, scientists say.

Z Energy's green diesel about to flow
  Z Energy is about to open the country's first commercial scale biofuels plant in what it says is a bid to become part of the solution to the emissions equation, rather than part of the problem.The fast-growing listed company is...

Fracking approval under consideration
  Councillors in North Yorkshire will consider whether to approve fracking in England for the first time since a ban on the technique was lifted in 2012.

VIDEO: See a robotic insect in action
  Miniature flying robot that can perch and take off could be used in search and rescue, scientists say.

Sam Judd: War against rodents
  Ever since the Polynesians arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand about 650 years ago, rodents have altered the ecosystem of New Zealand. Once an isolated utopia of flightless birds and dinosaur-like lizards, the islands that became New...

VIDEO: When eagle owl chick met a human
  Footage has captured an eagle owl chick in Croatia meeting a human for the first time.

Global antibiotics 'revolution' needed
  A global revolution in the use of antimicrobials is needed, according to a government backed report.

Bayer makes takeover offer for Monsanto
  Bayer is offering to buy agricultural giant Monsanto in a deal that could create the world's biggest supplier of seeds and pesticides.

Evidence of ancient tsunamis on Mars
  Scientists suggest that at least two huge tsunamis once swept across the Red Planet, triggered by large impacts.

'Cover-up' row over McDonald's fish
  A leaked New Zealand government memo casts serious doubts on the sustainability of fish that are widely used in McDonald's restaurants.

Totten Glacier may face 'rapid retreat'
  A study finds unchecked climate change could destabilise Antarctica's huge Totten Glacier in the coming centuries, pushing up global oceans by 2m, or more.

The bank account that gives you a shock
  One British firm is seeking to put the buzz back into budgeting by giving bank customers an electric shock if they overspend.

Yellowstone's 'selfie' problem
  In the latest episode of tourists disturbing wildlife and sensitive geological sites in a national park, a group of men who post pictures and videos of their travels on social media are in hot water for walking onto a sensitive hot...

What AI can learn from Tube passengers
  Neuroscientists find that when we navigate a train network, our brains split the task into a hierarchy of different jobs - a strategy that AI developers want to mimic.

Agricultural emissions 'reality check'
  A new report says that global agricultural emissions must be slashed to prevent the planet warming by more than 2C over the next century.

Zika virus may reach Europe this summer
  The Zika virus could spread to Europe this summer, although the likelihood of an outbreak is low to moderate according to the World Health Organization.

Satellite pictures 'clear skies' Africa
  The EU's new Sentinel-2a satellite builds a cloud-free view of Africa as it moves towards full capacity mapping.

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