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The following links are to articles we think may be of interest to you. We hope they stimulate your thinking and help you find new ways to create economic and social wealth, while reducing your impact on the environment.

If you think a particular story was a good read, please post a comment and tell us. If you’ve found a useful article on sustainable development, please let us know and we’ll try to include it here for others to enjoy.

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Do smoke-free stoves really save lives?
  Research has cast doubt on a UN-backed project to reduce pollution-induced illness in the world's poorest children by providing 100 million homes with a smoke-free stove.

Watch NZH Local Focus: Lead is the sweet treat that kills native birds
  For nearly five months, this North Island Kākā has been kept in captivity at the Otorohanga Kiwi House.But now she's been released into Pureora Forest following a brush with lead poisoning. But when the cage opens, the...

Climate protection gap widening, warns insurance report
  Insurance experts warn of a $100bn global "protection gap" due to increased climate change risks.

Are councils prepared enough for oil spills?
  Fewer than half of councils have enough staff trained to respond to marine oil spills - prompting questions over whether New Zealand's authorities are prepared enough to deal with a major blow-out.According to Maritime New Zealand...

Ice base that found hole in ozone layer in danger of falling into chasm
  The ice base from which the hole in the ozone layer was first detected is in danger of falling into a huge chasm.The Halley VI Research Station, which is home to the British Antarctic Survey, is moving nearly 25km across Antarctica's...

Green delight as Trump's Irish wall plans withdrawn
  Donald Trump's plan to erect a huge sea wall at his Irish golf course have been withdrawn in the light of stiff opposition.

Agreement signed in Prestwick spaceport bid
  Glasgow Prestwick Airport signs an agreement with Houston Spaceport as it continues its bid to become the UK's first launch site.

Seal studies reveal secret life
  A project is underway to record the underwater behaviour of Britain's grey seals.

Caesarean births 'affecting human evolution'
  The regular use of Caesarean sections is having an impact on human evolution, say scientists.

Gary Taylor: Gulf plan a 'major achievement'
  It's a historic moment: the Seachange Tai Timu Tai Pari process has delivered New Zealand's first marine spatial plan.This is a major achievement, not to be underestimated.In a context where fisheries management, marine reserves...

Revealed: The bold plan to save Hauraki Gulf
  Proposed new marine protected areas, rules for polluters and changes to commercial fishing methods have been revealed in a long-awaited master plan to halt the fouling of Auckland's blue backyard.The collaborative policy blueprint,...

Human evolution 'not over yet'
  The regular use of Caesarean sections is having an impact on human evolution, say scientists.

Scottish fossils tell story of first life on land
  Fossils of possibly the earliest backboned four-legged animals to walk have been found in Scotland.

Robot aircraft take to British skies
  Robot aircraft are to be tested in UK airspace to help refine systems that control autonomous planes.

Corporate growth still driving deforestation, CDP shows
  Although progress is being made, up to US $906bn of company turnover is still tied to global deforestation, an assessment suggests.

Tim Peake spacecraft will arrive in UK in 2017
  The UK has bought the capsule which sent Tim Peake into space and returned him to Earth.

Last winter's flooding 'most extreme on record' in UK
  Flooding across parts of the UK last winter was the most extreme on record, experts say.

Opposition to water export facility in remote South Westland
  A water export facility proposed for Jackson Bay in remote South Westland - including a 12km water pipe - is being opposed by neighbours and Heritage New Zealand.Okuru Enterprises, which was first issued consent to export water...

Hayley Holt to run for Parliament as Green Party candidate
  TV presenter and sportswoman Hayley Holt will stand for the Green Party at next year's general election.In a major coup for the Greens, the popular broadcaster, former competitive snowboarder and environmental activist has formally...

Hayley Holt to run for Parliament as Green Party candidate, may stand against John Key in Helensville
  TV presenter and sportswoman Hayley Holt will stand for the Green Party at next year's general election.In a major coup for the Greens, the popular broadcaster, former competitive snowboarder and environmental activist has formally...

Life on the ice: A glimpse of Antarctica
  A field training instructor at Antarctica New Zealand's Scott Base has shared a video offering an insight into life on the frozen continent.Matt Windsor says his job generally involves providing training for scientists and providing...

This pest-busting wasp has saved $488m
  New Zealand has been spared half a billion dollars in damage from a notorious pest - and scientists say it's an Irish wasp we have to thank for it.While wasps are often discussed as a troublesome pest themselves, one particular...

Utopia divided: What costs of playground for millionaire migrants?
  "Now is the time to move to New Zealand," blogs the Washington Post , quoting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg."I might consider finding a nice little ranch there," pipes up Hollywood star Billy Crystal, of When Harry...

Alligator snapping turtle's great escape
  A huge alligator snapping turtle got stuck in a blocked drain pipe in Houston, Texas.

Youths turn up the heat over climate change
  A few weeks ago, a federal judge in Oregon made headlines when she ruled that a groundbreaking climate lawsuit will proceed to trial. And some experts say its outcome could rewrite the future of climate policy in the United States.The...

Hunter Mitchell raised thousands of dollars to save Osita the rhino.
  Hunter Mitchell raised thousands of dollars to save Osita the rhino.

Europe presses ahead with Mars rover
  European research ministers meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland, emphatically reaffirm their commitment to putting a robot rover on Mars in 2021.

Four major cities move to ban diesel vehicles by 2025
  The leaders of four major global cities say they will stop the use of all diesel powered cars and trucks by the middle of the next decade.

Buzz Aldrin 'in good spirits' after South Pole evacuation
  Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, is evacuated from the South Pole after falling ill.

Europe ministers debate space future
  Europe's research ministers negotiate over funding for the space station and a rover that would land on Mars to search for life.

Space station supply craft 'burned up'
  The Russian space agency confirms the loss of an unmanned cargo ship heading for the International Space Station.

'Diet is global food policy's elephant in the room'
  Global food policy needs to shift way from focusing on feeding people enough calories to nourishing people, say leading food experts.

Sutton Hoo bitumen links Syria with Anglo-Saxon England
  Analysis of black organic fragments found in the Sutton Hoo boat burial reveals they are bitumen from Syria.

Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole
  Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the Moon, is evacuated from the South Pole after falling ill.

Trump's environment plans could spark opposition
  Proposals by the Trump administration to roll back US environmental regulations are likely to foment opposition, say analysts.

Fonterra's Singapore-based palm kernel feed supplier in labour abuse scandal
  Dairy giant Fonterra is facing fresh calls to axe use of palm kernel expeller (PKE) in the wake of "appalling" child labour abuse claims against its Singapore-based supplier.The use of PKE - a waste product from palm oil production...

Europe space ministers meet to decide Mars rover plan
  Europe’s research ministers are meeting to decide whether to try to land a robot rover on Mars.

Q&A: No, climate change won't kill us this decade
  Guy McPherson, retired professor of conservation biology from the University of Arizona, has been on a speaking tour of New Zealand this month peddling a bleak message: we're going to push the planet's climate system over the edge...

Private plan to send Moon rover to Apollo 17 site
  A proposed private space mission is planning to visit Apollo 17's landing site on the Moon.

Curbing immigration spells 'disaster' for science
  The President of the UK's Royal Society warns that onerous restrictions on immigration of scientists would spell "disaster" for the UK economy

Earth warming to climate tipping point, warns study
  A warming world will release vast amounts of soil carbon into the atmosphere, which in turn risks triggering dangerous climate change, scientists warn.

EU energy use to fall by 30% under new efficiency plans for 2030
  New proposals from the European Commission see binding targets for energy efficiency as key method of curbing carbon.

Platypus venom paves way to possible diabetes treatment
  Australian researchers say platypus venom could pave the way for new type 2 diabetes treatments.

Saturn mission approaches tour finale
  The Cassini spacecraft is beginning the end phases of its mission to Saturn that will eventually see it disposed of in the giant planet's atmosphere.

'Predator of the deep' or gentle giant?
  The giant manta ray could be a "predator of the deep" preying on other fish, say scientists.

Arctic sea-ice struggles to build volume
  Data shows the volume of Arctic sea-ice is heading for a record-equalling low for the month of November.

Gin Wigmore, Nasa astronaut, filmmaker, scientists and business leaders in Antarctic Ted Talk
  A Kiwi pop star, a Nasa astronaut and the granddaughter-in-law of famed adventurer Jacques Cousteau have joined a colourful line-up of speakers set to take part in an Antarctic TedX talk at Scott Base next year.The event, being...

Map reveals danger from quake-made dams
  Dams created by landslides in this month's 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake have been pin-pointed on a detailed new map created by GNS Science and Environment Canterbury. The November 14 quake and subsequent aftershocks have triggered...

Rachel Stewart: What to do when your days are numbered
  There's more than a few folks feeling blue of late. Trump, the earthquake(s), global economic woe and wild, windy weather have whipped up a late spring stew of sadness. For the eating of a powerlessness pie. Powerlessness always...

Mars probe returns first pictures
  The new satellite that Europe and Russia put in orbit at Mars on 19 October has sent back its first images of the planet.

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