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The following links are to articles we think may be of interest to you. We hope they stimulate your thinking and help you find new ways to create economic and social wealth, while reducing your impact on the environment.

If you think a particular story was a good read, please post a comment and tell us. If you’ve found a useful article on sustainable development, please let us know and we’ll try to include it here for others to enjoy.

Chris's Feed - Show Descriptions
Wannabe is 'catchiest hit single'
  Results from a citizen science online experiment suggests that the Spice Girls' Wannabe is the UK's catchiest hit single.

Virgin spacecraft crash kills pilot
  A pilot is killed and another is injured as Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft crashes in California.

One dead in SpaceShipTwo test crash
  At least one person is dead and another injured after Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft crashes in California.

$40m bid to resurrect derelict hotel
  Two New Zealand companies have submitted a $40 million plan to restore an infamous Rarotonga resort once linked to the mafia and subject to a local curse.Auckland-based Mirage Group Ltd and Napier builder Herbert Construction NZ...

IPCC keen to avoid old ghosts
  Climate talks stalked by spectre of the past

VIDEO: Baby pandas wrestle with their keeper
  A breeder in China's Chendgu province was trying to give these two baby pandas medicine instead of their usual bamboo leaves- and they were having none of it.

Rockets 'destroy chemical weapons'
  A team has developed micro-sized rockets, powered by seawater, that can neutralise chemical and biological weapons.

Gang of baby weasels discovered at quarantine facility
  A gang of baby weasels has been discovered in a container of tyres recently arrived from Malaysia.They were discovered at a transitional quarantine facility in Te Rapa, Hamilton, by a port worker last month.Ministry for Primary...

Newt flesh fungus 'brought by pets'
  A skin-eating fungus threatens salamanders and newts across Europe, and probably arrived on pet amphibians imported from Asia.

WW2 technology 'Plan B' for GPS
  Technology developed during World War Two is to be used as a back-up for GPS in ports across England and Scotland.

VIDEO: Lab for world’s worst animal viruses
  A look around a new lab at Pirbright Institute in Surrey, where the world’s most contagious livestock viruses will be kept.

Developers again target world-class beauty spot
  Fresh plans have been lodged for a subdivision near a world-renowned Coromandel beach, reigniting opposition by a group fighting to keep the area free of development.New Chum Beach, accessible only by walking across a headland from...

Low oxygen 'delayed life on Earth'
  Animals took so long to evolve and thrive on Earth because of incredibly low levels of oxygen during a period more than a billion years ago, scientists say.

Why scratching 'intensifies itching'
  Scratching an itch releases serotonin, which paradoxically makes you more itchy, research suggests.

Conservation Week focuses on 'treasures on the back doorstep'
  Conservation Week, which runs from tomorrow till November 9, will highlight "treasures on the back doorstep".DOC will encourage Kiwis to get out and enjoy local campsites, scenic reserves, wetlands, forests and walking tracks and...

IPCC debates 'most important' report
  Scientists and government officials are meeting in Copenhagen to edit a report on the causes, impact and solutions to global warming.

Rocket makers probe US explosion
  The builders of an unmanned supply rocket which exploded on the way to the International Space Station have vowed to find the cause of the failure.

Is the traditional metal key becoming obsolete?
  Keys are 4,000 years old but are their days numbered?

Pledge signed to protect threatened NZ bird
  Commercial and recreational fishers from the Hauraki Gulf have joined conservationists in a landmark effort to save a threatened species of seabird.Representatives from the fishing industry, government, environmental groups and...

New species of frog in urban jungle
  Scientists confirm that a frog found living in New York City wetlands is a new species.

How will future city signs look?
  How jetpacks and driverless cars will change the cityscape

In pictures: Relics found in Mexico
  Ancient Mexican city yields 50,000 treasures

Koala chlamydia vaccine raises hope
  Australian scientists say they have successfully tested a vaccine aimed at protecting wild koalas from chlamydia.

Key to sounding charismatic revealed
  An innate ability some people have to manipulate their vocal frequency could be the key to sounding charismatic, according to new research.

Sam Judd: How to clean up the water
  There is little doubt that clean water is up there with the most important challenges facing the environment and our economy.Last article, I put it to the people to come up with solutions for water pollution. The huge response...

Microbe could turn gas into gold
  A husband and wife team could help change the way products as common as car tyres are made by recycling chemicals from greenhouse gases.A two-year project, led by University of Otago biochemists Dr Monica Gerth and Dr Wayne Patrick,...

Have there been lions in London since 1210?
  The decision by London Zoo to build a new lion exhibit means its three remaining lionesses will be temporarily relocated outside of the UK's capital.

VIDEO: Russia's 39,000-year-old mammoth
  A 39,000 year-old baby mammoth named Yuka has been put in display in central Moscow making it the best preserved mammoth in palaeontology.

US rocket explodes during launch
  An unmanned rocket bound for the International Space Station has exploded during its launch from the US state of Virginia.

VIDEO: The island disappearing into the sea
  The story of two families and one fragile Louisiana wetland

Salt destroying fertile land - UN
  About 2,000 hectares of fertile land are lost each day due to damage caused by salt, according to a UN analysis.

VIDEO: 1000C lava reaches homes in Hawaii
  A lava flow from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island is now drawing close to homes.

VIDEO: Moment unmanned rocket explodes
  An unmanned cargo rocket has exploded seconds after lifting off from a commercial launch pad in Virginia.

Giant tortoise 'miraculous' recovery
  A new study confirms that giant tortoise numbers on one of the Galapagos Islands have bounced back thanks to captive breeding.

Google developing a cancer detector
  Google is attempting to diagnose cancers, heart attack risks and other ailments with a system that combines nanoparticles and a wrist-worn sensor.

VIDEO: Lava nears homes in Hawaii
  A lave flow from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island is now drawing close to homes.

VIDEO: App aims to identify bird songs
  A mobile phone app that recognises which species of bird is singing is being developed by a researcher at Queen Mary University in London.

Two genes linked with violent crime
  Two genes are associated with repeat violent offenders, according to a genetic analysis of almost 900 criminals in Finland.

VIDEO: New supercomputer for Met Office
  Funding has been confirmed for a £97m supercomputer to improve the Met Office's weather forecasting and climate modelling.

VIDEO: Wild flowers targeted by thieves
  Conservationists are warning that some of Britain's endangered plants are being put under even greater threat, because thieves are stealing them to order.

Met Office supercomputer confirmed
  Plans are unveiled for a £97m supercomputer which will boost the Met Office's computing capacity by 13 times, improving weather forecasting and climate modelling.

Revealed: What the Southern Ocean's ice belt means for sea level rise
  Changes to the Southern Ocean's sea ice belt could mean future ice sheet melt and global sea level rising several metres in coming centuries, according to a new study which has shed more light on a long-standing ice-age mystery.The...

Protection plan 'will not save reef'
  Australia's Academy of Science says a government draft plan to protect the Great Barrier Reef will not prevent its decline.

The high-stakes world of rare-plant theft
  The high-stakes world of botanical crime

Piece of Australia found in Vanuatu
  A fragment of ancient Australia is found under Vanuatu in the South Pacific, raising new questions about how continents are formed.

Population controls 'not effective'
  Attempts to restrict population growth will not solve global sustainability issues in the short term, new research says.

Swan numbers show 'alarming crash'
  The UK's smallest and rarest swan suffers an "alarming crash in numbers", the Gloucestershire-based Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust says.

Bumblebees create a buzz
  They clumsily bang against our windows and make themselves a springtime nuisance - but the humble bumblebee could prove more valuable to New Zealand's economy than we ever imagined, researchers say.The furry foragers are increasingly...

'Tree of the Year' shortlist issued
  The 10 trees to make the final of England's "Tree of the Year" competition are announced.

Bloodhound Diary: Putting it all together
  Into the assembly of the world's fastest car

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