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The following links are to articles we think may be of interest to you. We hope they stimulate your thinking and help you find new ways to create economic and social wealth, while reducing your impact on the environment.

If you think a particular story was a good read, please post a comment and tell us. If you’ve found a useful article on sustainable development, please let us know and we’ll try to include it here for others to enjoy.

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Australia Zoo asks public to name white koala joey
  Australia Zoo has asked the public to name a white koala joey.

'Cyborg' bacteria deliver green fuel source from sunlight
  Scientists create bacteria covered in tiny solar panels that generate a potential new fuel from the Sun.

Local Focus: Environment Minister makes it harder to protect the environment
  The Coromandel - a scenic wonderland and tourist mecca.But more recently it's seen as a rich source of gold with a number prospecting applications from international mining companies. Local anti-mining group, Coromandel Watchdog...

Protest vehicles try to save historic Snells Beach pine
  Snells Beach residents have parked their vehicles under a tree to try to save what is believed to be one of New Zealand's seven oldest Norfolk pines.Housing developer Vavasour Investments sent contractors to cut down the 40-metre-high...

East Coast land study builds case for lucrative native forest future
  The North Island's picturesque East Coast is set to become a testing ground for a nationwide model that could potentially establish hundreds of thousands of hectares of new native forest, combat climate change and improve our waterways.A...

High view
  BBC correspondent James Cook views the total eclipse from 40,000ft above the Pacific Ocean.

Chile rejects iron mine to protect penguins
  Ministers said plans to extract iron near a penguin reserve lacked sufficient environmental guarantees.

Solar eclipse: See it in 60 seconds
  A Nasa telescope captures the total solar eclipse as it passes over the western US state of Oregon.

Solar eclipse 2017: Americans gaze at sky spectacular
  Skywatchers in the US are treated to a spectacular coast-to-coast eclipse.

Solar eclipse: Watch it happen
  The US witnesses the spectacular effects of its first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 100 years.

Solar eclipse 2017: US public in thrall to sky show
  Skywatchers in the US are taking in the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse since 1918.

Peter Whitmore: Emissions target is giving wrong impression
  • Peter Whitmore is an executive member of Engineers for Social Responsibility It is very encouraging that in her final report as Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright recommended we follow the lead...

Robin Grieve: Carbon is not a fair measure of NZ's greenhouse emissions
  • Robin Grieve is chairman of Pastural Farming Climate Research Inc. Two reports, one by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, the other by Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, have confirmed...

RRS Sir David Attenborough's stern on the move
  A section of the UK's new polar research ship will get an early taste of the sea this week.

Countdown to get rid of micro-beads in all products by end of September
  The country's second biggest supermarket chain is planning to be rid of plastic microbeads in all its products by the end of September 2017.The Government announced last week that the sale and manufacture of wash-off products containing...

Eclipse spectacle set to grip US public
  Skywatchers in the US prepare for the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse since 1918.

Accountants call for action on inequality
  It is time for action on inequality and the environment, according to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.The industry body has released a report "The Quest for Prosperity: How can New Zealand keep living standards rising...

Accountants call for action on inequality, environment
  It is time for action on inequality and the environment, according to Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.The industry body has released a report "The Quest for Prosperity: How can New Zealand keep living standards rising...

Statoil: We haven't asked anyone to spy on Greenpeace for us
  A Norwegian firm which was until recently prospecting for oil in Northland says it didn't hire private investigators to spy on Greenpeace - but it does pay a firm to "ensure the safety" of its personnel.Last week environmental organisation...

The winners and losers of Mexico's wind power boom
  In 'windy' La Ventosa, a village 700km from Mexico City, residents are renting out their land for wind farms.

Total solar eclipse: How to experience it
  Ahead of Monday's eclipse in the US, here are four tips from the Faroe Islands, which experienced one in 2015.

How to watch a total solar eclipse: Tips from the Faroe Islands
  Ahead of Monday's eclipse in the US, here are four tips from the Faroe Islands, which experienced one in 2015.

Lizzie Marvelly: Something slimy in the water, and it's not eels
  When I was a child, swimming in rivers and lakes was one of the best parts of summer. We'd hike for hours on school trips to reach the perfect swimming spot, then wade in squealing, feeling the muddy sand squish between our toes....

Danielle Cormack: Climate change action needed now
  • Danielle Cormack went to Africa with Childfund NZ and Australia. This month, 13 New Zealand aid agencies launched a campaign asking politicians to back a plan to drive down carbon emissions, the Zero Carbon Act.More than...

Total solar eclipse: Meet Sharon and Billy Hahs
  Now Sharon and Billy Hahs are preparing for one in their own backyard.

Brian Fallow: Charge for water? There's nothing wet about it
  Amid all the scaremongering and special pleading about Labour's water policy are two things we can surely all agree on.One is that no-one ever likes the idea of paying for something that has always been free. The other is that many...

The algae that terraformed Earth
  A planetary takeover by ocean algae 650 million years ago was the kick that transformed life on Earth.

New Zealand to ban microbeads by 2018
  Cosmetic products containing tiny plastic particles known as microbeads will be banned in New Zealand by May 2018.Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson said the ban would also be widened from that first proposed, to include...

Radioactive 'pooh sticks' trace carbon's ocean journey
  Scientists trace nuclear waste from Sellafield over 15,000km to Bermuda to see how the ocean transports carbon.

A licence to kill bear cubs?
  Trump is once again allowing hunters in Alaska to shoot bear cubs and hibernating bears, but is this as bad as it sounds?

Freeze-dried dung gives clue to Asian elephant stress
  Indian scientists say they can monitor the physiological health of elephants by analysing their dung.

Fracking: Shale rock professor says UK gas reserves 'hyped'
  UK shale deposits were formed 55 million years too late to trap large amounts of gas, a professor warns.

Chinese boat held over Galapagos poaching
  Authorities in Ecuador have detained 20 Chinese crew members on a ship found near the Galapagos holding 300 tons of frozen marine animals - some from species in danger of extinction.Ecuador's navy stopped the ship Sunday near San...

Chimps can play rock-paper-scissors
  Japanese researchers have taught chimps the rules of rock-paper-scissors.

Scotland's largest solar farm gets green light
  Elgin Energy is granted planning permission for a 20MW project near Urquhart in Moray

'Frankenstein dinosaur' mystery solved
  A dinosaur that seemed to be an evolutionary mishmash turns out to have a key place in history.

Scientists discover a new flower of Shetland
  The Shetland Monkeyflower has a bigger flower with a wider throat than its ancestors.

Local Focus: After the rubber hits the road, where does it go?
  New Zealand is a country renowned for its clean, green image. But activists say tyre disposal is one of the biggest chinks in our environmental armour.At this year's budget, Minister for the Environment Dr Nick Smith acknowledged...

Pen Hadow sets sail for North Pole as Arctic ice melts
  Can 10 men and a dog, led by British explorer Pen Hadow, become the first to sail to the North Pole?

Brass band on train demonstrates Doppler effect
  How can a brass band and a steam train help you understand the universe?

'Donald Trump forest' climate change project gains momentum
  Campaigners plan to plant enough trees to counteract the climate impact of the US President.

Plants 'hijacked' to make polio vaccine
  A breakthrough could lead to easier, faster and cheaper vaccines.

Majestic archipelago
  The Galapagos Conservation Trust has announced the winners in its annual photographic competition.

Record-sized data centre planned inside Arctic Circle
  The facility in the north of Norway will take advantage of cheap energy and the cool air.

Italy official defends killing rare bear after man mauled
  A rare female brown bear had to be shot in the Italian Alps as it threatened humans, a governor says.

Cassini skims Saturn's atmosphere
  Cassini is on its final five full orbits of Saturn, getting close enough to directly "taste" its gases.

'Impressive' Perseid meteor shower seen over UK
  A display of hundreds of shooting stars has been captured by stargazers from across the UK.

Fish sauced? Goldfish turn to alcohol to survive icy winters
  Researchers uncover the evolved ability of goldfish to generate alcohol when deprived of oxygen.

Climate crusader Gore takes up arms again
  BBC environment analyst Roger Harrabin reviews Al Gore's climate movie sequel.

Anger over 'untrue' climate change claims
  Scientists respond furiously to claims about climate change made in a BBC radio interview.

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