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The following links are to articles we think may be of interest to you. We hope they stimulate your thinking and help you find new ways to create economic and social wealth, while reducing your impact on the environment.

If you think a particular story was a good read, please post a comment and tell us. If you’ve found a useful article on sustainable development, please let us know and we’ll try to include it here for others to enjoy.

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Kaikoura: 'Most complex quake ever studied'
  2016's big quake in New Zealand will likely prompt a rethink about how such events are expected to behave.

Fruit-shaped sensor 'can improve freshness'
  The sensor comes in orange, apple, banana and mango varieties and alerts to cooling problems.

Dinosaur crater's clue to origin of life
  The crater made by the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs reveals clues to the origins of life on Earth.

Interest in pathway to home ownership charity soars after family's touching story of home ownership against the odds
  Tania Webb wanted to show others the way to home ownership. Their response has touched the mum-of-eight's heart.On Wednesday, the 31-year-old shared her inspiring story of escaping the rent trap and buying a five-bedroom home...

Tale of home ownership inspires many after Tania Webb's against-the-odds success story
  Tania Webb wanted to show others the way to home ownership. Their response has touched the mum-of-eight's heart.On Wednesday, the 31-year-old shared her inspiring story of escaping the rent trap and buying a five-bedroom home...

'New' wave-like cloud finally wins official recognition
  New edition of International Cloud Atlas includes asperitas cloud after long campaign by skywatchers.

United Future and Act offer RMA solution to National, which would see iwi rights scrapped
  United Future and the Act Party have joined forces to offer the National Party a way of breaking the long impasse on planning reforms - at the expense of the Maori Party.The two parties restated in an open letter today that they...

RMA reforms back on track after National makes agreement with Maori Party
  Long-awaited reforms to planning rules are finally back on track after National and the Maori Party said they had reached an agreement this afternoon.The changes to the Resource Management Act (RMA), which have taken four years...

How an obscure seed is helping to save the elephant
  A look at how the seed of a South American tree is increasingly being used as an alternative to ivory.

Paleo artist
  An award-winning artist brings ancient fossil discoveries to life through illustrations.

Major shake-up suggests dinosaurs may have 'UK origin'
  Scientists reclassify dinosaurs, putting British fossils at the base of their family tree.

UK schoolboy corrects Nasa data error
  The A-level student noticed something odd in radiation levels from the International Space Station.

Princess Anne: GM crops 'have real benefits'
  Princess Anne has told the BBC's Farming Today she believes gene technology has important benefits to offer in terms of providing food.

Genetically-modified crops have benefits - Princess Anne
  The Princess Royal's views in a BBC radio show appear to be at odds with those of the Prince of Wales.

Plans for coal-fired power plants drop by almost half in 2016
  A report suggests a "dramatic" decline in the number coal-fired power plants in pre-construction in 2016.

South Auckland family of 10 saved $13,000 in five months to buy their own home - here's how they did it
  Tania Webb didn't think she'd ever live in a home of her own.Her parents rented, as did her partner's parents, and home ownership wasn't part of their world.But the mother-of-eight got there, and she wants to show others the way.Webb,...

Watch NZH Local Focus: NZ Petroleum Conference opens to protests
  Children and grandmothers were among those who blockaded entrances to the petroleum conference in New Plymouth. The people protesting were from a coalition of groups such as Greenpeace and Climate Justice Taranaki, and were participating...

'Dispersal machines'
  How the toxic pests, described as "dispersal machines", are thwarting efforts to halt their advance.

Fossil named after Sir David Attenborough
  The ancient arthropod, found in Herefordshire, joins a long list of items named after the TV legend.

Sea otters ahead of dolphins in using tools
  Sea otters may have been using stone tools for thousands or even millions of years, say scientists.

Nasa 'smallsats' open up new planetary frontier
  Nasa plans small satellite missions, which could open up new ways of exploring the Solar System.

President jokes while signing space agency funding bill
  President jokes while signing space agency funding bill

Why a Czech zoo is dehorning its white rhinos
  Dvur Kralove Zoo in the Czech Republic, has taken the decision to remove the horns from its white rhinos for their safety.

MPs: Pathways report chance to focus climate debate
  A new report on the potential for New Zealand to reduce its domestic emissions is a welcome opportunity for us, as members of the 51st Parliament, to improve the quality of our debate on the critical challenge of climate policy.We...

Rachel Stewart: Yes, a river can be a person
  A river gets its own legal identity, and every racist, anti-abortionist, and stock-standard dim-wit feels affronted. Last week the Whanganui River - my awa - gained such a status, with all the corresponding rights, duties and liabilities...

Tiny genetic change lets bird flu leap to humans
  A change in just a single 'letter' of the flu virus allows bird flu to pass to humans, according to scientists.

Rosetta saw cliffs collapse on comet
  The comet visited by the Rosetta spacecraft is constantly being re-shaped, sometimes in dramatic fashion, a study suggests.

Space view of Earth's magnetic rocks
  Earth's history is recorded in the magnetisation of its hard, outer shell.

Crustal attraction
  Earth's history is recorded in the magnetisation of its hard, outer shell.

Spaceport protest delays rocket launch in French Guiana
  Striking workers block the roll-out of the booster at the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana.

'Step change' needed to create more woodland
  Too little new woodland is being created in England, say MPs, amid warnings of a "tree planting crisis".

'Extreme and unusual' climate trends continue after record 2016
  The world continues to experience extreme climate trends after a record breaking 2016, says WMO.

Spider venom may offer stroke therapy
  Protein extracted from funnel webs may help minimise the effects of brain damage after a stroke.

National's economic strategy not to blame for environmental decline in NZ - English
  Prime Minister Bill English says he is concerned about the findings in a new OECD report that highlights environmental degradation in New Zealand, but he disagrees that his Government's economic strategy is partly to blame. The...

Fake data threat
  Not all cyber-attacks are about theft, some seek to undermine the trust placed in data and documents.

LHC: Five new particles hold clues to sub-atomic glue
  Researchers discover five new sub-atomic particles that could help to explain how atoms are held together.

'Explosive events' rock Pacific Ocean
  An active island volcano situated in the Pacific Ocean under one of the world's busiest flight paths has barely stopped erupting since Christmas and is nearing its 40th explosion in months.Bogoslof volcano, nestled in the Aleutian...

NZ's future: Zero emissions by 2100?
  Slashing pastoral stock numbers by up to 35 per cent has been suggested among ways to push New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions down to zero by 2100. A cross-party group of MPs have commissioned UK consultants Vivid Economics...

Virtual reality could spot concussion in footballers
  New technology which could be used by club doctors is being trialled, a BBC investigation finds.

Asbestos removal work at Auckland school put on hold by the Ministry of Education
  Asbestos removal work at an Auckland primary school has been put on hold by the Ministry of Education due to concerns from parents.A joint statement from the ministry's Kim Shannon and Hobsonville Primary School board chairman Lance...

Sperm swimming technique 'all down to simple maths'
  Knowing why some sperm succeed and others fail could help treat male infertility, researchers say.

Untreated 'miracle water' could bring fine for travellers from Fiji
  Travellers who bring so-called Fijian "miracle water" into New Zealand are being warned they risk a $400 fine.Media in Fiji have run stories on the claimed healing properties of water from in the village of Natadradave, in the province...

Secret of a sperm's success
  How a sperm manages to reach the fallopian tubes is clear at last, scientists say.

SpaceX Dragon capsule returns to Earth
  The SpaceX Dragon capsule returns to Earth after its mission to the International Space Station.

Jamie Whyte: Old man river law a case of legislative lunacy
  A neighbour came over for tea last week. She became agitated and I asked what was wrong. She was furious with our lawn. It was uneven and she had almost fallen.I apologised for my poor gardening but she insisted it had nothing to...

Hi-tech tribe
  How a remote community in Guyana is using cutting-edge software and equipment against deforestation.

Buzz Aldrin launches VR plan to get humans to Mars
  The second man to set foot on the Moon, launches a virtual reality movie detailing his plan to get humans to Mars.

Editorial: Whanganui's old man river is really a person
  How should we address the Whanganui River now it has the legal status of a person? Old man river?Probably not, since the ink on the law that has bestowed a novel status on the slow-moving current that cuts a brown path through a...

Baby pygmy hippo in debut splash
  Taronga Zoo's baby pygmy hippopotamus - the first born in seven years - has made its first public appearance.

Can dolphins reveal why whales strand?
  Researchers in the US are working with dolphins in an effort to work out why closely related whale species in the wild strand themselves on land.

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