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The following links are to articles we think may be of interest to you. We hope they stimulate your thinking and help you find new ways to create economic and social wealth, while reducing your impact on the environment.

If you think a particular story was a good read, please post a comment and tell us. If you’ve found a useful article on sustainable development, please let us know and we’ll try to include it here for others to enjoy.

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New project to measure UK air pollution from the air
  Scientists have carried out their first test flight of a project to measure UK air pollution from the air.

Renewable energy capacity overtakes coal
  The International Energy Agency says that the world's capacity to generate electricity from renewable sources has now overtaken coal.

Jo Johnson and Martyn Poliakoff perform scientific test
  Science Minister Jo Johnson and Prof Martyn Poliakoff mix politics and science to look at carbon dioxide and the acidification of oceans.

Saturn's weird hexagon changes colour
  The mysterious hexagon at Saturn's northern pole has changed colour from blue to gold, scientists have said.

Havelock North gastro water inquiry underway
  Work to uncover answers on the Havelock North water contamination incident which caused over 5000 people to become ill is under way. An initial public hearing on the incident will begin tomorrow morning. Last month the Government...

CO2 levels mark 'new era' in the world's changing climate
  2016 is likely to be the first year in recorded history in which levels of CO2 in the atmosphere remain above the symbolically important threshold of 400 parts per million.

NZ project could transform bird conservation
  Pioneering genetic research by New Zealand scientists could help protect hundreds of endangered species around the world.University of Canterbury researchers are developing what will be the world's first genomic blueprint for boosting...

1080: Finding the facts in a poisonous issue
  The Government's use of 1080 poison has long drawn angry protest from opponents, who push a range of scientific claims about its efficency and danger. In his new book, Protecting Paradise , science writer Dave Hansford scrutinises...

Drone captures rare whale footage
  Canadian scientists use drones to capture rare whale footage in the Arctic.

Schiaparelli: Mars probe 'crash site identified'
  The gouge in the ground likely made by Europe's Schiaparelli probe as it hit the surface of Mars on Wednesday has been imaged by an American satellite.

Scientists racing to study threatened glacier
  United States and British science agencies yesterday announced a multi-million dollar research mission to study an enormous and remote Antarctic glacier that is already showing accelerating ice loss and could trigger a major rise...

UN Habitat III summit aims to shape future urban living
  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon tells the world's mayors they face making 'tough decisions' to ensure future generations live in a safe and sustainable urban world.

Climate change could recreate horror drought
  Researchers have created a model to reveal how climate change could combine the same weather patterns that led to a $1.3 billion drought.The drought, that left much of the country brown over the 2012-13 summer, was the worst in...

Snow leopards: Numbers decline due to 'retaliation'
  Hundreds of snow leopards are being poached in retaliation for livestock losses every year across the high mountain ranges of Asia, says a new report.

Giant dinosaurs 'crossed continents'
  Some of the giants of the dinosaur family may have arisen in South America and crossed over Antarctica to Australia about 100 million years ago, new fossil evidence suggests.

Thaw in talks on Antarctic's future
  For years, world leaders have been arguing over the best way to protect the Southern Ocean from threats like pollution and overfishing. Now, they may finally be one step closer to an agreement.This week, members of the Commission...

Strange purple sea creatures found in deep ocean trenches
  Scores of spectacular and rare undersea species have been found on expeditions to some of the deepest trenches in the Pacific Ocean.

Schiaparelli Mars probe's parachute 'jettisoned too early'
  Europe's Schiaparelli lander did not behave as expected as it headed down to the surface of Mars on Wednesday, data shows.

How our brains become 'disembodied'
  Scientists in Italy have discovered how our brains can be tricked into feeling disembodied from our own limbs.

'Zika mosquito' eggs found near Folkestone in Kent
  The eggs of a mosquito capable of transmitting tropical diseases, including the Zika virus, are found for the first time in the UK.

Fears grow for European Schiaparelli Mars lander
  There is increasing pessimism that a European probe which attempted to land on Mars on Wednesday has been lost.

Wait continues for European Schiaparelli Mars lander
  The European Space Agency is still waiting for confirmation that its Schiaparelli probe has landed on Mars, but it has succeeded in parking a new satellite above the planet.

Stone Age people 'roasted rodents for food' - archaeologists
  Voles appear to have been roasted for food by Neolithic people living on Orkney 5,000 years ago, archaeological evidence shows.

No signal from European Schiaparelli Mars lander
  The European Space Agency is still waiting for confirmation that its Schiaparelli probe has landed on Mars.

Cave paintings reveal clues to mystery Ice Age beast
  Cave art from the Ice Age has helped solve the origins of Europe's largest land mammal - the modern European bison.

China's Shenzhou 11 docks at Tiangong 2 space station
  Two Chinese astronauts have docked with the Tiangong 2 space lab, where they will live for the next 30 days conducting experiments.

Emissions Trading Scheme 'not the silver bullet' for agriculture emissions, says commissioner
  Pulling agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) shouldn't be the only way farming is steered against climate change, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment said today.Dr Jan Wright this afternoon released...

Astronauts enter China's space station
  A pair of astronauts have entered China's Tiangong 2 space station as they begin the country's longest manned space mission.

Time to act on agricultural emissions, says environmental watchdog
  There is no silver bullet to curbing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and the country needs to start on the available steps now, warns parliament's environmental watchdog. Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment,...

Havelock North gastro outbreak hot topic at water summit
  The Havelock North gastro outbreak - and whether the same catastrophe could unfold in other places - is the hot topic at a major water conference this week.The E.coli contamination of the Hawke's Bay town's water supply in August,...

Watch NZH Local Focus: Rats 0-36 Fernbirds on Uretara Island
  Ingrid JellickNestled in the Ohiwa harbour, west of Opotiki, tiny Uretara Island is now free of rats, thanks to the work of dedicated volunteers.Environmentalists have been working on reducing the rat numbers on the island over...

What is ExoMars and what is it doing?
  BBC science reporter Victoria Gill explains what the European mission to Mars is hoping to find out.

Ape's fig challenge wins photo award
  A photo of an orangutan climbing high into a tree to reach some figs takes the top honour in the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Rachel Stewart: Are we hypocrites when it comes to flying and climate change?
  In terms of climate change, the last thing Hawaii needs is another visitor inside of her. Yet, along with tens of thousands of others, here I am. As I write I'm perfecting the look of a beached whale dying of humidity poisoning. I'm...

Tasmanian devil milk fights superbugs
  Milk from Tasmanian devils could offer up a useful weapon against antibiotic-resistant superbugs, according to Australian researchers.

UN: Farming needs to harvest chance to cut emissions
  The global farming sector has a big role to play in the effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to future climate change, the UN says.

Peru investigates death of 10,000 Titicaca water frogs
  Peru's environmental agency is investigating the deaths of some 10,000 frogs whose bodies have been found in a tributary of the Titicaca lake.

Arctic crossing planned for ‘Boaty’ sub
  The UK’s favourite new yellow submarine, Boaty McBoatface, will likely take on the grand challenge of trying to cross the entire Arctic Ocean under the ice.

Ceremony marks start of Attenborough polar ship construction
  Construction of the UK's new £200m polar research ship, the RRS Sir David Attenborough, formally begins at the Cammell Laird yard on Merseyside.

Climate change: 'Monumental' deal to cut HFCs, fastest growing greenhouse gases
  Countries meeting in Rwanda have agreed a "monumental" deal to phase out gases used in fridges that are worsening global warming.

Energy subsidies should focus on storage and cutting demand, MPs say
  Subsidies to reduce the risk of blackouts must focus on innovative schemes for energy storage and cutting demand rather than "dirty diesel", MPs urge.

Cave art: Etchings hailed as 'Iberia's most spectacular'
  Unusual cave art as much as 14,500 years old is found in northern Spain - and pronounced the "most spectacular" in the Iberian peninsula.

Funding boost for UK citizen science project
  A UK-wide citizen science project that has attracted almost one million participants is awarded a further £1.2m of lottery funding.

Dinosaur-era 'swordfish' discovered in outback Australia
  "Extremely rare" fossils from a swordfish-like predator which lived 100 million years ago have been discovered on Australia's "Dinosaur Trail".

Comet impact 'linked' to rise of mammals
  A comet impact 55 million years ago may have helped mammals dominate the Earth.

Key figures
  Tom Feilden explains why maths and computing may now hold the key to a career in medicine and biology

Station state
  A group of Vienna-based scientists is working on plans to create a pacifist nation state, called Asgardia, in space.

Bird tracking could provide flu early warning system
  Monitoring wild birds on their long migrations may provide early warning of bird flu outbreaks, say scientists.

Dragon in the tank
  Land Speed Record holder Andy Green reflects on the partnership the Bloodhound supersonic car project has forged with Chinese auto group Geely.

Resilient life
  Scientists begin examining rocks drilled from the crater dug out of Earth's crust by the asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs.

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