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Kia hihiri a Ngati Porou

Hihiri translated means: energetic; doggedness; and strong mindedness. 

"Kia hihiri" in this context expresses Ngati Porou's determination in its pursuit of leading knowledge and ideas (innovation).

This site has been developed to continuously update the people of Ngati Porou on the progress towards developing an all-sectors science, innovation and technology strategy for the Iwi scheduled for completion in late 2009.

The context for a Ngati Porou science, innovation and technology strategy

Science and technology is critical to the future of Ngati Porou who recognize the key role it plays in providing an enabling environment for innovation and research and in building the human capital that the Iwi need to effectively participate in the global economy. Collectively Ngati Porou have assets (principally in the primary sectors) valued in $10's millions and growing with the maturing of existing commercial business interests and the prospect of Treaty settlements with the crown. Investment in research and innovation is seen as strategic and long term given Ngati Porou's perpetual association to its lands, its people and the region.

A Ngati Porou focused approach to innovation strategy

37 Degrees South has pioneered a customer focused approach to innovation strategy and is working with Ngati Porou to develop their strategy. Our approach to designing innovation strategy does not follow a traditional research strategy development approach that projects the current into the future, and instead proposes a fundamentally different approach that begins with visualizing the future establishing the strategic intent and identifying Ngati Porou's desired leadership position and what will be the essence of winning in future and be sustainable and enduring for many years and then, folding this back to today.

Our approach exploits the principle of leverage points  which are points in complex systems where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything.

Multi-Iwi approach towards strengthening tribal bonds - i2 strategy

Ngati Porou works with neighboring Iwi of Te Whanau A Apanui and Ngati Awa who are simultaneously developing a science, innovation and technology strategy with the objective of strengthening the tribal bonds between the Iwi and indeed explore options for commercial collaboration as the project develops.

The ultimate objective of an integrated science, innovation and technology strategy is to enable Ngati Porou's economic development program by leading change through:

  • The creation of new technologies and products,
  • Launching new markets,
  • Raising industry standards,
  • Redefining customer expectations,
  • Increasing pace of industry product cycles,
  • Forcing other firms to follow, or
  • Changing the rules of the game.

Project status

Percent complete
















Current asset profile


External analysis


Literature review


Internal review


Set priorities


Action plan


Reflect and review

Te haeata

Engagement with the people of Ngati Porou for the development of the science, innovation and technology strategy is being closely co-ordinated and synchronized with the existing Te Haeata engagement process over the next 6 to 12 months. This process will ensure opportunity for Ngati Porou individuals and organizations to provide important input into the development of the strategy.

Te Urunga ki Ngati Porou

Te Urunga ki Ngati Porou is an internet forum to connect the rangitahi of Ngati Porou back home to the Iwi and especially those who are away accumulating knowledge at the various whare wananga of Aotearoa. This connection is critical to future development of the Iwi as the knowledge that the rangitahi are accumulating are vital to the sustained progress and development of Ngati Porou

Engagement options

  • Facebook. If you have some, news, views and other related information and are a member of facebook, hook-up here to join our Ngati Porou discussion forum. Not a member, then JOIN Facebook. Its free!
  • Ngati Porou Innovation survey. Click the link to contribute via our survey sharing your thoughts about what the priority should be for future Ngati Porou research

Technology and Innovation funding for business

Up to $50 million is available to businesses undertaking research and development through the TechNZ business investment programme. We deliver the TechNZ programme on behalf of the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology in partnership with Hawkes Bay Inc.

Click on the link above to find out more detail about this program and how we can assist and enable your business or contact us now to discuss your business - technology idea.


37 Degrees South and Te Runanga O Ngati Porou acknowledge the support and contribution (so far) of the following research, government and other organizations (in alphabetical order):

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