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37 Degrees South - Aotearoa

Our values

Ko nga awa, nga moana, me nga whenua te waiu mo nga uri whakatipu.


"It is our rivers, our seas and our lands that will sustain our future generations".

This ancient Maori proverb encapsulates the essence of what we stand for - our values.

Within these values are found the principles of sustainable development.

Four Pillars of Sustainable development™

Scalable sustainable development can occur when corporations, governments, and individuals work towards a common vision. To achieve this vision we must be prepared to change our behaviours, for ourselves and for future generations.

37 Degrees South™ strives to enable organisations, particularly indigenous groups, to achieve long term environmental and social benefits through better management of their assets and investments.

Here (in the side-bar) we present a series of short articles to explain our core values and philosophies regarding long term sustainable business development.
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