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Te kete maatauranga (the knowledge basket)

In te kete maatauaranga we use sophisticated internet search technology to continuously locate, tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source.

With emphasis on the power of community, this technology fast-tracks users of our website to find helpful knowledge and information from world leading thought-leaders about key sectors where we focus our resources and effort.

Check out the knowledge-networks in our cloud here below

Traditional Maori proverb

 The Maori people of New Zealand have long acknowledged the importance of knowledge at opening up development opportunities across the world. This is set below in a traditional proverb:

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Innovation Learning Hub

ScienceNZ - Show Descriptions
Growing a biofuelled New Zealand
Radiata pine genome - draft assembly completed
New ways to measure and value small forests
“A Billion Trees”
Sustainable wood for sustainable development
Scion Connections Issue 26, December 2017
New science exhibition open now
UN FAO Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable World report released
FAR Researcher of the Year
Summer Series 2017 - NIWA's Year of Weather
Summer Series 2017 - A year of new knowledge
Scientists explore deepest parts of the Kermadec Trench
What on Earth?
Wasp biocontrol update
New book showcases latest mapping of New Zealand’s geology
Antarctic microbes can live on thin air, study shows
Scientists and Navy join forces to map the floor of Lake Rotorua
ESR's holiday hours and contacts
ESR Chief to Advise China on the Environment
Use of grass fungi saving NZ billions

Bio-Technology Learning Hub

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