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In te kete maatauaranga we use sophisticated internet search technology to continuously locate, tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source.

With emphasis on the power of community, this technology fast-tracks users of our website to find helpful knowledge and information from world leading thought-leaders about key sectors where we focus our resources and effort.

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Traditional Maori proverb

 The Maori people of New Zealand have long acknowledged the importance of knowledge at opening up development opportunities across the world. This is set below in a traditional proverb:

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Innovation Learning Hub

ScienceNZ - Show Descriptions
Outstanding science recognised at inaugural awards

Science New Zealand 2017 National Awards celebrated 21 Awardees on Thursday 9 November at the Banquet Hall, Parliament Buildings, Wellington. These inaugural Awards recognise outstanding science achievements that help to shape and benefit New Zealand. The Awards demonstrated excellent science working for New Zealand and acknowledge the people behind the work.

Going bio: the next frontier in 3D and 4D printing

The worlds of 3D printing and biopolymers, such as protein, lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose and so on, are colliding, bringing about a new evolution of additive manufacturing where 3D objects are created by adding material layer on layer.

A future of tall timber

The international building design industry is in the midst of a wood revolution according to Scion’s Sustainable Architect Andrea Stocchero.

Flexible decision making tactics for climate change

Preparing New Zealand’s primary industries for climate change is an enormous challenge. Uncertainty around the wide range of possible climate change impacts could lead to over-investment in some areas and under-investment in others. To ensure that we can protect our primary industries efficiently, Scion is investigating an analytical tool that gives decision makers the flexibility to plan for a range of climate change scenarios as they unfold.

Forestry - sunrise or sunset industry?

Recognising forestry as a sunrise industry is not new thinking here or internationally. Increasingly the thinking is being voiced more loudly and more broadly.

Erosion: mapping, measuring and mitigating

New Zealand is one of the most erodible countries in the world. Erosion is one of the major challenges that faces our primary industries and is likely to worsen as climate change brings more frequent and intense weather to our shores.

Alexia Hilbertidou, an outstanding Eureka! finalist and winner

Alexia Hilbertidou is an outstanding Eureka! finalist and winner of the Treasury Scholarship. Science New Zealand sponsors the Eureka! Sir Paul Callaghan Awards and the regional and national finals for 2017 are coming up. www.eureka.org.nz

Fresh Facts - annual horticultural statistics booklet

The annual horticultural statistics booklet, Fresh Facts is out now. Horticultural products now generate $5.1 billion in export revenues. Copies of the booklet series, dating back to 1999, as well as the new Fresh Facts app are available.

Getting farm animals through the winter chill

As people hunker down for another cold New Zealand winter, challenging times also lie ahead for animals exposed to the elements out on farms. AgResearch scientists say a wealth of research is now providing a much greater understanding of how the livestock cope with the wintry weather, and what can be done to help manage them through those icy periods.

Congratulations to NIWA New Zealand for winning the ACC New Zealand Workplace Safety Award at the Wellington Gold Awards

Well done to the 2017 Winner of the ACC Workplace Safety Award - NIWA New Zealand.

NIWA crews spend a lot of time out on the water, but there has not been a serious injury on the big boats in years.

Weaving matauranga Maori and Scion science

Rotorua iwi Ngati Whakaue have been working with Scion scientists to deliver a unique educational project that merges our science and innovation with traditional Maori knowledge.

25 years of science working for New Zealand

Twenty-five years ago the Government re-shaped the nation's science organisations into Crown Research Institutes.  This year, the 7 CRIs celebrate the success of their staff and partners in making a difference for New Zealand. 

New contracts for CRIs on their 25th anniversary

Minister Goldsmith announces $1.2bn investment over 7 years in SSIF funding for CRIs. Critical strategic science activity for our economy, environment and wellbeing.

Zespri's biospife ready for market

Taking a product from the laboratory to market is a challenging process. But after a long journey, the biobased and industrially compostable version of Zespri’s iconic spoon-knife, the biospife, is now ready for use. Following many rounds of testing and development, Zespri has 150,000 biospifes ready for kiwifruit lovers all over the world to cut, scoop and compost.

Port Hills fires: Lessons for the entire country

Planting back quickly and correctly is crucial, writes FIONA CARSWELL, chief scientist at Landcare Research.

Growing sheep milk industry bolstered by science

New research is adding weight to the benefits of sheep milk as New Zealand's industry continues to expand its base and reach to the world.

Douglas-fir essential oil a winner in timber design awards

Scion's Doug Gaunt, who sat on the judging panel, said the oil project had a close alignment with Scion's strategy to use as much of each tree as possible, not just the wood.

Good for exports, health and environment: a history of apple pest management

A unified goal-driven sector with a responsiveness to market demand is credited with the development of a pest management system in New Zealand's apple industry that is the envy of other countries and crop industries.

Forensic Intelligence: increasing the value of science to justice

How can past criminal case data help justice today and in the future? ESR's Forensic Intelligence project is currently developing ways to enhance the value of forensic science to the justice system.

ESR's MinION hard at work!

The MinION is a breakthrough portable DNA sequencer produced by Oxford Nanopore.

Bio-Technology Learning Hub

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